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HERO CV (2).jpg
HERO CV (2).jpg

ASEI-SALEHI is a global human design centred advisory group, optimising team and organisational harmony and performance through deep human interactions. We navigate professional sports organisations through their journey to excellence by uncovering their unique DNA blueprint and cultural identity. Our unique Deep Team Building methodology * (DTBM)  operates at the intersection of team dynamics, deep human interaction, dialogue, tribal constructs & rituals, motivation and purpose. 


Sport is used as a predominant team building tool but surprisingly team building is not commonplace in professional team sports (PTS).  Over the last 20 years the economy and sociology  of PTS have changed tremendously with more money, more professional turnover,  a predominance of individual performance over team performance, less local spirit, less territory anchoring, and shorter contracts. Players empowerment has led the way to a more complex set of relationships within and outside the organisations


This new complex dynamic generates new unseen challenges in PTS such as : 

  • It has become harder for PTS  to create an identity based on values and therefore to align stakeholders (fanbase, players, staff, administrators, sponsors) to it.  

  • Dialogue and understanding within the organisation is more difficult due to more cultural differences 

  • The motivations and goals of the players, staff, and  organisations are broader than ever before and do not necessarily align. This generates more conflicts and potential crises. 



  • Lack of team motivation

  • Individual motivation surpasses  team motivation 

  • Lack of future commitment from players  which means you can’t build team/club  identity 

  • More stress and PTSD on players 

  • More conflict due to lack communication and clear goals

  • Less attractiveness and trust for new sponsors 

  • The overall budget and  team performance are not optimised to deliver the best results

  • As a consequence the  clubs are losing money



Our drive is to better the harmony of the team and organisation. Fostering innovative teams that excel within cohesive cultures by unlocking the full potential of the human capital that constitutes a club’s unique DNA/cultural identity. We aim to create deep human connections for the team and organisation based on strong human interactions. The stakeholders are not only perceived through their roles and performances but in their  full human dimensions.

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ASEI-SALEHI's approach relies on the human dimension of the team and organisation.  It is based on a holistic analysis of the challenges. We believe that to be successful, team building has to happen not only at the team level but from an ecosystem perspective. At ASEI-SALEHI we empower clients to optimise their team and organisational performance through deep human interactions, intelligent group dynamics and unique human centred design thinking. We take team building to the next level, by unlocking the full potential of the human capital. 

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