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The MUX Is an educational experience rooted in Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Bantu term meaning "humanity - I am because we are - humanity to others - the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity".



In a context of post-health crisis, societal, social and economic crisis, Universities need to commit to pioneering experience centred on the Human. Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic  where physical distancing and remote education have become necessary,  higher education students  are experiencing more anxiety, stress, anger, fear and depressive symptoms (Torales, O’Higgins, CastaldelliMaia, & Ventriglio, 2020). 

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Find out more about the ASEI-SALEHI MUX experience. 


Online learning has had an impact on student life, and therefore on the overall experience. During this period, it has been more difficult for students to socialise and connect with like-minded people through virtual classes. -

Students have  been struggling to prepare for their future since spring 2020, and reported a drop in learning critical skills like "preparing for my future career", "working well in a team" and “expanding my comfort zone”. 



The classic model is challenged and the offer evolves towards soft skills. -

Therefore social connection and spaces for dialogue & reflection are more important than ever. Universities need to organise inspiring, impactful, innovative and inclusive experiences focused on a bold, unique and personalised experience. 


This experience will give participants the opportunity to develop:

  • Solid foundations to start / continue the year on good personal and collective foundations

  • Getting up and moving dynamically

  • Taking stock of their lives, their hopes and professional goals

  • Explore their motivations and aspirations

  • Find their comrades and reconnect with their social ties

  • Understand the richness of their stories in order to better write their common history

  • Celebrate yourself and celebrate each other. Improve group cohesion


Learning outcomes

This workshop will enable candidates to:

  • Positively highlight their uniqueness, their stories, their cultures and intrinsic motivations

  • To improve their knowledge and listening to others while linking deep connections

  • Leave having cultivated their self-confidence, their recognition, their spirit of wonder as well as their “self-leadership”


MUX is the affirmation in action of responsible values, humanism, audacity, sharing and commitment. Each series of workshops aims to improve self-leadership, team spirit, development, individual and collective well-being of participants. MUX is a powerful communication tool, which allows the universities  to demonstrate to  the  participants and the community its desire to differentiate itself from others, to be a human structure and to give meaning to its educational experience.



It is an invitation to cultivate self-confidence, recognition and the spirit of wonder.

It is an African “village” of cooperation, interdependence, trust and pride in humanity, in each other.

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It is an invitation to see the larger perspective, to decide to explore the big picture of what is happening in our life and/or in the world around us.

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It is an invitation to celebrate our diversity, our singularities and the values that we represent as human beings. It is the discovery of “We” through the “I”.



It is an invitation to discovery, individual and collective transformation


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